Mobile St Tropez Self Tan Professionally Applied in your home in Bentwood Area Essex, London UK
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Mobile St Tropez Self Tan Professionally Applied in your home in Bentwood Area Essex, London UK Visiting St Tropez Self Tan Service

Exfoliation & Self Tan

We offer a mobile self Tan service in the comfort of your own home. Get the healthy
St Tropez tan applied professionally by trained beauticians to give you that sun kissed look. We achieve a beautiful natural looking all over tan, and avoid the embarrassment of fake tan mishaps and streaks associated with doing it your yourself.

Exfoliation & St Tropez Self Tan

For those who like to tan in the most luxurious way and without the damage of the sun, pamper yourself and indulge in the St Tropez ultimate tan. Enjoy a year round tan so dark it can actually hide stretch marks, varicose veins and vitiligo

This professional treatment begins with an all over body exfoliation treatment to remove any dry skin, followed by moisturising of dry areas. Finally an application of the St Tropez auto bronzant is applied to produce a non streaky golden tan.

Ideal for all skin types, this treatment leaves you with a sun kissed holiday tan.
The result of this treatment lasts between 7-10 days with the correct aftercare.
The perfect pampering tan for any special occasion.

1hr..... £40.00


Exfoliation Treatments

Skin exfoliation gently and effectively removes dead cells from the skin's surface and removes surface debris. This not only immediately "refreshing" the skin's appearance but also stimulating cell renewal. The benefits are dramatic, and, when used with professional guidance, exfoliation can treat a wide variety of skin problems - including acne, hyperpigmentation, premature aging and scarring to name a few.

Unlike physical exfoliants that remove debris through gentle abrasion, hydroxy acid-based exfoliants smooth the skin by dissolving intercellular "glue" that attaches the cells to the surface. Hydroxy acids are the most common form of at-home exfoliant because they are extremely effective and, when used properly, very safe.

40mins..... £40.00

St Tropez Self Tan

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